I make several types of pottery from utilitarian stoneware to decorative raku pieces.  I had my introduction to ceramics in High School, and have been at it pretty steadily ever since.  I earned my BFA degree in Studio Arts from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1982.  I worked for Van Briggle Art Pottery in Colorado Springs for a year, and then worked for Mr. Ed Schrock, who had been my high school ceramics teacher, for five years.  
    I then got into the Fire Service where I worked for fourteen years as a Driver/ engineer, Training Officer, and lastly Captain.  I continued making pots all during this time, and further developed my skills and style.  I taught art at the High School and Elementary levels for seven years, and now I’m a full time potter.
    I love to travel.  Having lived in Germany for three years as a child may have sparked this interest.  My family visited a number of surrounding countries while we lived there, and I have since added Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to the list.  Besides being a loving dad to my pound puppy, Trevor, I’m also an avid Model Railroader, like to read (Sci-Fi for pleasure), sing, and keep up a koi pond.
Kyle Crutcher